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Sex With An Older Woman – Mature Women Have Such Nasty Thoughts

Sunday, September 24th, 2017

If you’re ever lucky enough to be banging an older woman, you’ll know that it really is a fantastic way to enjoy sex with a mature, confident and willing sex partner. There’s very little a horny, seductive, highly sexed older woman won’t do. She’ll use her erotic and seductive wiles to tempt you into some titillating sex play… even some that may be taboo!

The Best Sex Education

You’ll have the time of your life and also benefit from getting a deep and dirty ‘hands on’ education in sexual and intimate relationships. There is simply nothing that compares to a practical, physical experience. Remember; an ounce of action (or experience) is worth a tonne of theory.

You’ll learn more in an afternoon of banging an older woman than you ever will by studying any Sex Education manual. In life, nothing is better than ‘just doing it’; nothing is as good as actually learning on the job.

Older Women Love Perverted Fantasies

Mature women who are with a younger man for sex will usually have very few inhibitions or hang ups about sex and carnal desires. Older women are bursting with kinky fantasies and perverted thoughts about sex and intimate physical contact between people. Better still, a mature woman lover will be more than willing to act out these fantasies for real. Be prepared to participate in some pretty kinky and risqué sexual action.

Be a willing partner for her unusual sexual desires. Don’t refuse to participate in making her fantasies a reality… unless it is dangerous to you or other people. If it’s harmless, with consent, doesn’t involve actual violence and doesn’t jeopardise anyone else… go for it! Enjoy and learn!

Say ‘Yes’ More Than You Say ‘No’

Morals? Hmmmm… you have a choice. Yep, you could be on your own, in your own room, watching porn and masturbating furiously… or you can actually get in between the welcoming legs of a real, horny and willing older woman and enter her warmth. Life is all about choices. Friends, wouldn’t you prefer a hot and sexy mature woman’s soft fingers around your todger rather than your own cold and calloused hand? (Todger: British word = penis)

An older woman sex partner will be much more experienced than you and so will have certain things she likes and enjoys. She will be confident in her mental make up for sexual gratification. She’ll be much more open to engaging in provocative, peculiar and even bizarre sex fantasies. Where I’ve been and where you’re going, you’re gonna need a strong stomach and a wild and freaky mind! Friends, we’re *not* talking about a fancy-dress fire fighters uniform or dressing up as a nurse or mild spanking!

Older Women Have Such Dirty Minds

More likely you will find yourself in sweaty, messy threesomes or group sex sessions with couples and single studs. Many older women have desires of being penetrated by a group of young black guys. Though it sounds politically incorrect these days, it is a fact that a lot of women fantasise about being a submissive sex slave and love to act out a subservient role where she is a passive sex toy to be played with or ‘used’ by others, usually lots of men. (Disclaimer: I asked 6 older women and they all said so.)

This sex obedience fantasy role-play may also involve her being urinated on (golden showers / water sports), tied up on a bed and penetrated against her will (role play, of course), or having three men penetrate her at the same time in her vagina, her anus and her mouth. More common is to be roasted by two guys, while she is on all fours on a bed with one guy entering her from behind while the other penetrates her mouth from the front.

In a world of political correctness gone mad, and populated by a generation of sensitive snowflakes, I’m actually wary and cautious of writing more openly of what I know!

Mature Women Are SOOO Nasty!

Many of the older women you’ll come across will be moms who have had one or more children. Some women discover that childbirth has loosened her vagina in such a way that she now wants larger objects to insert. Welcome to the world of fisting! Don’t be taken by surprise if the older babe you’re with, one day, asks you to put your whole fist inside her vagina. What will probably not surprise you is how easily most women can accommodate a man’s fist inside her vagina. Just follow her instructions, use ample lubrication and ensure you don’t hurt her.

Jump In, It’s Great!

Sex with an older woman will be a thrilling part of your life with new and exciting variations of sex and erotic encounters. Very rarely will it be a simple missionary position sex session, although, from time to time, that will be exactly what both partners want.

Be a willing participant; take an active part in life! Be open-minded and do as you’re told; it’s rude to refuse a woman. Don’t hesitate, don’t be indecisive. Be bold, be adventurous… and have fun.

Barking In The Write Direction

Sunday, September 24th, 2017

Mom and I created Misfit Island four years ago when I moved from California to small-town Texas to care for her. We live in a community of 30K and have a college in town. We are on about 30 acres of family land in the Piney Woods of Deep East Texas.

To get along and share a project, we began adopting unwanted dogs. At one point, we had 20 residents. That was too many and our funds didn’t cover care for that many. Dogs get dumped in our woods and five of our residents came out of the thick brush.

I watch these dogs traverse Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. First, physical needs are met, then socialization and a feeling of safety develops. Finally, they let their personalities come out and they bark! At the moon. At a deer. While chasing a rabbit.

These discarded beings use their voices to let the world know they are still here. On the universal radar of life, they insist on showing up. That is exactly why I write. I study one subject to its deepest intensity each year.

On New Year’s Eve, I write a summary of the past 12 months and write goals for the new year. I also choose my annual topic; addiction was last year’s, natural healing is this year’s. Next year is open. After I study intensely, I reflect what I’ve learned in articles, columns and Q&A sessions with readers.

As a writer, my goal is to reflect people in a way that they mirror the current human condition. Sometimes my words are profile. Other times, I hope they educate. I made a pledge long ago to avoid creating pieces that reflect or exploit bad news.

With a journalism degree from SMU, I had no concept of what a news career would look like. I did a few months of on-air. Quickly, I was the ‘blonde.’ “Where did you get the earrings you wore last night?,” was the most in-depth question I was asked.

Off-air, it was strange to feel people staring at a restaurant. Odder when they approached with serious queries like “When is your birthday?” or “What’s your favorite food.” My constant thought was “Why did I go to college?”

Many times over the years, I generated income in other places to allow me to write. I earned little for my actual editorial work but always managed to stay in print since college. However, print is a dying business. Newspapers will one day be in antique stores, like the toys I grew up with.

One idea I have is to enroll in the local university for my Master’s. Maybe, I can incorporate an advanced degree with immersion into the electrical age of media. News has become instantaneous. Print will be for ‘think pieces.’

At 54, my voice is blooming and an audience is forming and giving me great feedback. People are starting to listen and respond. My readership is up in the thousands. I have a distance to go but I’m barking in the right direction. Finally.